Hi, I'm Jessica, a family and newborn lifestyle photographer situated in Chicago's North Shore.

One of my greatest passions is photography. My journey began back in school when I took a photography class and was drawn to the entire process of taking pictures, developing the film by hand, and seeing the final outcome. There was something magical about doing it all from start to finish. That passion continued throughout the years, but it wasn't until I had my children that I decided to bring out the "big camera" again. Driven by my desire to capture fleeting moments with my three (rambunctious!) boys, I found myself pursuing my interest in photography again, which has turned a hobby into a profession. I wanted to take this newfound love and help capture beautiful, candid moments for other families. My goal for my clients is to be able to transport them back to a special moment and feeling by simply having them look at the photos I've taken. I hope, together, we can create something special for you.

The ones who made me a mom, taught me patience, and prepare me for anything a session can throw my way :)